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Sandra Milena Velasco Herrera is the new Food Services Coordinator.

Sandra Milena Velasco Herrera, professor and nutritionist UIS, assumed as the new coordinator of Food Services of Student Welfare.

“It is an honor to be the coordinator of the service, I am a UIS graduate and we want to continue providing a good service for all students and thus support them from the different areas and from the head of the direction of Welfare in charge of Diego Hernandez. The UIS is my home, here I studied, then I was a professor and now from this position I can help students much more,” said Velasco Herrera.

The Food Services Coordination is the area responsible for providing food services and implementing socio-economic programs for the student community, taking into account nutritional requirements and quality attributes of the programs, products and services offered, to contribute to improving the quality of life of the student community.

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