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Salud UIS consolidates its position as a leading journal in Northeastern Colombia

UIS Health Magazine
Salud UIS journal, leader in research in health-related areas.

Communications Department

The journal Salud UIS, founded in 1969, was recently ratified in category B, according to the classification of research groups carried out by the Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación. This is due to the increase in the citations of original research and opinions related to the pandemic that had local, regional, and national impact.

The increasing participation of national and foreign authors in this scientific journal is due to the growth in the number of articles published. The journal went from having 3 issues in 2015 to having 4 issues per year, and from 2021 to having continuous publication. In this way, Salud UIS collects the best editorial practices in the world and publishes them for the benefit of its authors and readers, thus being one of the few national journals with a fast and rigorous editorial process.

It is worth noting that during 2021, 162 papers were received, of which about 30% were rejected, and 93 are still in the editorial process at the end of January 2022. During the same 2021, 27 articles with research results, 4 topic reviews, 3 editorials and 5 letters to the editor were published, which evidences the dynamism of UIS Health.

The topics addressed in the latest articles published include the COVID-19 pandemic, physiotherapy, nutrition, lifestyles, migration, psychology, dentistry, education of health professionals, nursing care, validation and diagnosis, epidemiology, occupational and environmental health, clinical case reports, among others.

Among the articles published, the first report on the fraud of Dololed®, an alleged natural medicine with diclofenac components, stands out. The study was conducted by the team led by Professor Elena Stashenko and became a case with important repercussions in public health and pharmacology, without taking into account the great media and legal impacts related to it.

Undoubtedly, Salud UIS is one of the flagship journals of the Universidad Industrial de Santander. To learn more about the journal, please visit https://revistas.uis.edu.co/index.php/revistasaluduis.

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