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S-Innova, Santander Innova’ welcomes future entrepreneurs UIS

Image showing meeting with future entrepreneurs
Meeting of future entrepreneurs
Image showing entrepreneurship project
Entrepreneurship project image

Communications Department

With the purpose of exploring exponential technologies and the innovative development of entrepreneurship, students from the School of Industrial and Business Studies UIS visited the largest Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Eastern Colombia: ‘S-Innova’.

There, professionals from the largest business ecosystems in Santander, such as Ecopetrol, Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga and TecnoParque explained to the students the services, entrepreneurship, business results and the requirements to be part of each of the leading institutions in the department.

On the other hand, during the guided tour, UIS students learned about the topics that are currently trending in the world of entrepreneurship; among these are augmented reality, internet, Biotech, BigData, among others, for the benefit of entrepreneurship through the programs offered in Santander.

Cristian Javier Mena Jaimes, dynamizer of TecnoParque Bucaramanga, commented on the grain of sand that can contribute to young people with these spaces: “It is still a space where you can make mistakes and not only for academic learning but for learning entrepreneurship; then here they can try several times so that their prototypes result in an interesting final product for entrepreneurship”.

He also highlighted the benefits that leading companies in Santander have for young students: “We have a resource in terms of personnel and infrastructure, laboratories, programs that help us mitigate costs and in guiding these new entrepreneurs to reach the final successful product idea.”

Liliam Andrea Gómez Barrios, UIS student, said about these spaces provided by the University: “This space really opens our minds to new opportunities, especially for those who want to undertake, because in the city there is no evidence of how they can support entrepreneurs. These companies, through talks and the tour, helped us to visualize ourselves, to grow as entrepreneurs from the perspective of technology and innovation”.


It is the largest entrepreneurship and innovation center in eastern Colombia, part of the CEmprende Network, an initiative of the National Government through iNNNpulsa Colombia, an entity that facilitates the connection between academia, private enterprise, the State and society to strengthen and boost the development of technology-based entrepreneurship and innovation in Santander. From the UIS Laboratory ‘Semiosis Lab’, we continue the work of supporting UIS student entrepreneurs in the design of ‘startup ideas’ in order to generate a process of high impact and transformation in the global context, in addition to talks with invited professionals who guide young people on the road to success.

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