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Research Group in Computed Tomography – GIT From UIS, presented eight papers in the XIX edition of the Colombian Regional Congress of Oil, Gas and Energy

Within the framework of the XIX edition of the Colombian Regional Congress of Oil, Gas and Energy, the Universidad Industrial de Santander, through the Computed Tomography Research Group-GIT, was present through the presentation of 8 technical works, demonstrating the level of research and innovation it has.

The papers presented were:

  1. Computational tool predictive of the behavior of inorganic scale inhibitor fluids in porous environment. Author: Carlos Eduardo Estupiñan.
  2. Innovation applied to the numerical simulation of electromagnetic heating as an emerging technology for the improved recovery of heavy crudes. Author: Andrés Felipe Ortiz
  3. Evaluation of the capture of CO2 inside hydrates in an injection process for gas recovery using tomography and chromatography techniques. Author: Luis Alejandro Torres.
  4. Experimental evaluation of a cross flow system in the “A” formation through coreflooding tests for the Apiay and Suria fields. Author: John Jairo Rodríguez.
  5. Statistical modeling of ions present in production waters in different Colombian basins. Author: Juan José Jiménez.
  6. Evaluation of the phenomenon of hydrodynamic cavitation for viscosity reduction in heavy crudes. Author: Jimena Gómez Delgado
  7. Alteration of the wettability of a sandstone rock by adsorption of graphene oxide. Author: Jimena Gómez Delgado
  8. Elaboration of pavers from drilling gravel as an alternative for the environmental management of waste. Author: Jimena Gómez Delgado

The Research Group in Computerized Topography for Reservoir Characterization, is classified in category A by Minciencias, which within its lines of research of Emerging Technologies applied to sustainable energy resources seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the oil industry, aligned with the country’s strategies for 2030.

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