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“Regional academic mobility program in accredited careers – XII Call” of MERCOSUR

The Foreign Office invites you to participate in the mobility call:

“Regional academic mobility program in accredited careers – XII Call” of MERCOSUR

Addressed to:

Undergraduate Students of Chemical Engineering

Description of the program:

This program has 1 quota for the National University of Asunción (UNA), during the second semester of 2022. A selection process will be carried out based on the general requirements and the selection will be carried out by a commission.

Before starting the academic exchange, the student must meet with the Director or Academic Coordinator of the School of Chemical Engineering in order to review, in detail, the curricula of the UIS and the university in which he aspires to carry out the mobility program.

General requirements:

  1. have current registration
  2. weighted average greater than or equal to 3.5,
  3. not have disciplinary sanction,
  4.  have completed and passed 60% of the credits in their curriculum,
  5. demonstrate language proficiency of the host country
  6. Process the necessary documentation before the Foreign Office – Mobility Program.

The selection of the students will be in charge of an Evaluation Commission of the School of Chemical Engineering composed of the director of the school, the dean of the Faculty, the undergraduate academic coordinator and the student representative of the school. The selection criteria applied by this commission will be an equation that combines the academic trajectory and the attitudinal aspects and personal qualities of the applicants. To evaluate the academic trajectory, the student’s academic resume will be taken into account and to evaluate the attitudinal aspects and personal qualities, an interview will be carried out.


  • Official certificate of grades
  • Registration certificate
  • Proposal for homologation in model of Letter of academic permission FRE.15 (will be signed after selection)
  • Academic Curriculum
  • Certifications and recognitions related to your area of study
  • Scanned Passport

Registration link:

If you meet the requirements, you can register at the link: https://forms.gle/zFdm8LJQrfNf1K477

Calendar of the call:

Opening date of the call:  July 9, 2022

Closing date of the call:  July 1, 2022

Results of the call: July 21  , 2022

Conditions and Benefits:

Country of destinationDestination universityMobility ObjectivesDuration of mobility
ParaguayNational University of Asunción (UNA)Academic exchange1 (one) student will do one academic semester of exchange per year
Description Unit cost ($) QuantityTotal
Passage $ 3,000,000.001 $ 3.000.000,00
Sure $ 600.0001 $ 600.000
Visa $ No cost1 $ No cost
SupportIn charge of thedestination1Unspecified
Activity: Outgoing student mobility (2)

To resolve doubts, contact us at: movilidad@uis.edu.co

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