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The School of Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering is pleased to invite you to participate in the Nineteenth Cohort Specialization in Telecommunications.

Registration Start Date: November 22, 2021
Registration closing date: February 22, 2022

The program aims to:

• Train creative and analytical specialists, with the ability to participate in multidisciplinary teams.

• Facilitate the understanding of algorithms and communications programs that improve existing telecommunications systems in the company, in the region, and in the country.

• Mediate the learning of professionals interested in technological advances in the areas of treatment and transport of information through computer networks.

• Prepare professionals with specialized knowledge in computer network design, development, and administration.

• Promote the application of regulations and telecommunications standards in the development of new systems.

• Provide guidance in the establishment of security policies in the company in aspects related to the preservation of the integrity of the data that travels through the networks, as well as in the selection of the best user authentication systems for a given network environment.

• Publicize technological advances in mobile communications.

• Encourage analytical work and professional development in telecommunications.

More information:

Telephones: 6359622, 6344000 Ext. 1217 – 2365
E-mails: esptelec@uis.edu.co, posgradose3t@uis.edu.co
Website: https://e3t.uis.edu.co/eisi/grupo/posgradose3t/#views/gm52/especializaciones/telecomunicaciones

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