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New projects to strengthen higher education were proposed by Unired


Under the strategic lines of collaboration, coverage and efficient institutions, Unired will continue working in 2022 on initiatives that will promote and strengthen higher education in the departments of Santander, Boyacá and Norte de Santander.

During the first Board of Directors of the year, held at the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), the creation of a roadmap for the creation of the Education Cluster in Santander was defined, a project in which, once again, collaborative work between institutions will stand out.

“It was a very productive session in which we presented the 2021 management report and made preparations for the Assembly that we will have in March. For this year we bring significant bets, three major strategic lines of work on issues of collaboration and articulation between the university, business, state, society. Also, the issue of coverage to generate the best conditions for the population to access quality higher education in our institutions,” said Bibiana Lopez Acevedo, director of UNIRED.

During the meeting, Jaime Restrepo Cuartas was recognized for his more than nine years contributing to the strengthening of the work between the universities of eastern Colombia. Restrepo Cuartas was, until January of this year, the rector of the Universidad de Santander (Udes), a position now held by Patricio Lopez Jaramillo.

“Very grateful for the recognition that UNIRED gives me, thanks to the cooperation process that we have been doing in Santander among the different educational institutions; thus, the region will be the most favored with the issues of quality in higher education,” said Restrepo Cuartas.

During his speech he also valued the actions taken by the Universidad Industrial de Santander over the years.

“The UIS is the institution that we have in front of us as the flag, as the best university in the region and the best in the country. My recognition always for the UIS as one of the greatest in Colombia and we always had it on the horizon as an institution to emulate,” added the former rector.

During the session, the official presentation of López Jaramillo as the new representative of the Udes before UNIRED was made.

“One of the central objectives is the strengthening of the network, if one intends to grow one has to understand that cooperation between institutions is absolutely fundamental, especially in departments such as Santander. The expectations are great, the Udes will participate directly in the initiatives, we have a vision of being a knowledge producing entity,” said the new rector.

Unired is a mixed, non-profit corporation, formed by education, research and development institutions in eastern Colombia. This is based on collaborative work among its members, with the aim of promoting academia and research, in addition to consolidating various alliances with other productive sectors.

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