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New civil servants appointed at UIS

Photo which presents new civil servants having a meeting with the university rector.
A total of eight professional public servants and four non-professionals assumed administrative positions at the Universidad Industrial de Santander.

Communications Department

In the presence of the rector Hernán Porras Díaz, 12 new civil servants at the professional, administrative, and technical levels, assumed functions at the service of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) under the temporary modality. The appointments were approved by rectory resolutions No. 011 and 031 of 2022.

“I had already been working at the university for some time, and today I am very grateful for this new opportunity. I had previously worked in other positions, but now I am taking on a different position. It is a great challenge that I am going to take on at the service of everyone” said Mónica Alexandra Castellanos, new secretary assigned to the School of Biology.

The event also included people who assumed positions for the first time in the UIS and who were selected and linked to start their working lives in the institution. This is the case of Lorybeth Buendía, a support technician assigned to the School of Petroleum. “We are here to serve, and this opportunity that we are given is to demonstrate the capabilities we have as professionals; I have many expectations, and I will offer the best in my work and I always have a good attitude in the service I provide”, she highlighted.

During the onboarding, the rector invited the new officials to work with dedication and commitment in the full development of their functions at the service of the institution. He also reminded them to comply with the established biosafety protocols and individual and collective actions to prevent the spread of the virus and its variants.

The appointed public servants will assume their positions until June 30th, 2022.