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Miguel José Pinilla Gutiérrez continues as the former rectors’ representative to the board of governors.

Former rectors UIS
Former rectors UIS

Former rectors Cecilia Reyes de León, Álvaro Ramírez García, Jaime Alberto Camacho Pico, Álvaro Beltrán Pinzón and Jorge Gómez Duarte reelected Miguel José Pinilla Gutiérrez as their representative to the Superior Council for two more years.

“I was honored to be elected for one more term as your representative to the Superior Council. The former rectors have always been very close to the work that the rector develops in the UIS, supporting him in the difficult decisions and warning him of some situations that are not very favorable for both the University and for him as a person,” said Pinilla Gutiérrez.

His new term will begin at the session of the Superior Council to be held in February. A month later he will have the responsibility of casting his vote during the designation of the rector for the 2022-2025 period.

“We as former rectors have the knowledge and experience, then we will closely follow the process. There is a clearly defined schedule, it is foreseen that we will interview the candidates that remain at the end and logically from there we will define the position I will have on behalf of my colleagues during the Superior Council to designate the new rector,” added the representative.

During the Council of Former Rectors, its members learned about the progress and current state of the institution, in addition to the projects that are coming up for this year, in favor of the continued development of the University.

“Rector Hernán Porras Díaz summarized the activities of the University in recent months. Then we proceeded to the reelection of Miguel José Pinilla unanimously for these two years,” said Cecilia Reyes de León. Miguel José Pinilla Gutiérrez was rector of the UIS between May 2000 and May 2003.

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