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Members of the Argentinian women’s national team praised the state of the first of march stadium at UIS

Colombia Women's National Team
Colombia Women’s National Team

The Argentina Women’s National Team trained at the Primero de Marzo Stadium of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, prior to the friendly match they will play against Colombia on February 23rd in Bucaramanga.

The team, led by its coach Germán Portanova, practiced stretching, small-sided soccer and definition tasks. For about an hour they practiced in the UIS sports arena, which caused them great impression and satisfaction.

“The facilities are very good, the field, the grass is good to be able to play and implement the idea we want and the work we have been doing in general. Everything is very nice. Also the reception of the local people was exciting and it is worth mentioning”, said Portanova.

The friendly match against Colombia serves both teams as preparation for the Copa América 2022, which will be played on Colombian soil between July 8th and 30th, a tournament that will also award three direct berths for the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

“This FIFA date is very useful for us to look for the team, because it is the moment when I meet them and we want to form a good group and soccer idea. Playing against Colombia, which is a power in South America, is very important for us,” added the coach.

Argentina has participated three times in the Women’s World Cup; the most recent was in France 2019, so they will compete to reach their fourth qualification in Australia and New Zealand 2023. Their current captain and goalkeeper is Vanina Correa, who also valued the UIS sports scene.

“I was able to get to know it, it is tidy, we were looking at it, it is nice, arranged, maybe in other places we have not had a field like this to train comfortably. The grass is even, it allows us to play and the field is nice,” Correa said. The match against Colombia will be played at the Alfonso López stadium starting at 7 p.m.