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Mathematics Seminar: ¡Registration open for 2022-1!

Registration for the Mathematics Seminar
Registration for the Mathematics Seminar

Until next Friday, February 25th, there is a deadline for those interested in registering for the ‘Mathematics Research Seedbed’, offered by the School of Mathematics of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) for the first academic period of 2022.

The project is aimed at children and young people from first to ninth grade. It is a space where participants approach mathematical knowledge through didactic games, materials, problem solving and the use of technologies.

The ‘Semillero Matemático’ has a duration of sixty hours with fifteen four-hour sessions every Saturday. It is directed by eight highly qualified professionals, including professors and assistants.

Those interested must make a one-time payment of $385,000, which includes registration and tuition. The end date will be Sunday, June 26, when they will be certified as participants in ‘Semillero Matemático’.

For more information call 6344000 / Extensions 2316 – 1229 or write to matematica.semillero@uis.edu.co.

Jorge Enrique Fiallo Leal, director of the School of Mathematics and coordinator of the ‘Semillero Matemático’, invites the entire community to register for this important academic project. “The School of Mathematics and the Mathematics Research Group (EDUMAT), invite children and young people to have a wonderful experience, through various dynamics to solve, reason and develop mathematical thinking.”

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