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Lawsuit against single-use plastics and waste management in Bucaramanga is admitted

Organic and inorganic waste bin
“El carrasco” of Bucaramanga

Communications Department

Did you know that Bucaramanga produces an average of 16,000 tons of organic and inorganic waste per month? Throwing plastics, food scraps, paper, cardboard, textiles, rubber, leather, gardening and wood, among others, is an unsustainable behavior that continues to generate serious environmental impacts in the short term, such as air, soil and water pollution.

The Fifteenth Administrative Court of the Judicial Circuit of Bucaramanga admitted on January 14th, 2022 a popular action filed by students and professors of the Carlos Gaviria Díaz Grupo de Litigio Estratégico, of the School of Law and Political Science and Legal Consultancy of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, so that the authorities and commerce in general assume a strict commitment not to pollute nature with plastics.

“Daily actions such as separation from the source, or the incentive to enterprises that replace single-use plastics are requested. Additionally, due to the sanitary emergency situation caused by the closure of El Carrasco, we seek to create a public policy to make waste reduction mandatory, through the imposition of economic sanctions, recycling, compost plants in the city’s neighborhoods, solidarity economy, citizen culture and support for enterprises that promote environmentally responsible consumption, among others”, the legal mechanism specifies. Any member of the community can join in this action that involves collective interests (Art. 24 Ley 472 de 1998). We invite you to write to us at for more information and to sign our petition in against single-use plastics.