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In 2022 the UIS reaffirms its commitment to the communities due to its Socially Responsible Donations Program

Donation of teaching materials
Computer equipment, laboratory equipment, notebooks, books, chairs, are some of the items that are delivered during the donations

Communications Department

This new year will see the definitive reactivation of the Donations with Social Responsibility program that the Universidad Industrial de Santander has been carrying out for almost 10 years.

Due to this program, institutions located in different municipalities of Santander and neighboring departments that are in vulnerable conditions benefit, thus giving great help to children and young students through the delivery of office furniture, laboratory equipment, educational games, boards, and elements to teach classes, among other items.

In March 2020, the pandemic began in Colombia, and for this reason, donations were suspended that year. In the second half of 2021, the initiative began to resume and thus reached the populations of Vélez, Betania, and La Guajira.

With the progressive return to in-person modality in Colombia, this year we expect to reach 42 rural schools located in different municipalities, such as Charalá, Capitanejo, Landázuri, Mogotes, Ocamonte, Cerrito, among others.

“Of the 42 schools we will choose the most distant to start because it is of our purposes to go to remote places where children are abandoned and do not pay them so much attention, and thus arrive with details of elements and school kits. We are still planning to see when we will start and what we will take, but we hope to start in February and by the end of the year we will finish with the closest sites,” said Luz Marina Duarte García, head of the Inventory Section and one of the leaders of the program.

For this 2022, they want to seek alliances with chain stores to see what possibility there is of receiving donations of non-perishable food or items that they do not sell and that can serve the communities. “We are working on it; we will see how it goes. The idea is to take more things to the children and clearly if we achieve the alliance, we would deliver those items on behalf of the company that supports us, giving them the necessary recognition”, added Duarte García.

During these visits they also mention the benefits and incentives for students to motivate them to continue their studies and apply to the Universidad Industrial de Santander to become professionals.

“The social work has been very nice throughout these years. It is necessary to be grateful for the support we have received from the Rector’s Office and the other academic-administrative units to achieve our objectives,” said the head of the Inventory Section. The institutions that want to be favored with this initiative of the UIS, must send a letter addressed to the rector Hernán Porras Díaz. Subsequently, the staff in charge will make the respective evaluation to select the beneficiaries.

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