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Hospital Universitario de Santander receives health accreditation certificate from MinSalud and ICONTEC

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification (ICONTEC) awarded the Hospital Universitario de Santander (HUS) the certificate of accreditation in health, in recognition of its compliance with high standards of quality and continuous improvement in pursuit of excellence. This distinction marks a milestone as the first public hospital in Northeastern Colombia to receive this accreditation.

The ceremony was presided over by Martha Liliana Chaparro Trujillo, Deputy Director of Service Provision of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection; Juvenal Díaz Mateus, Governor of Santander; Edgar Julián Niño Carrillo, Manager of the University Hospital of Santander, HUS; Hernán Porras Díaz, UIS Rector; Carlos Edgar Rodríguez Hernández, National Director of Health Accreditation of ICONTEC; Lina María Vera Cala, Dean of the Faculty of Health of the Industrial University of Santander (UIS).

“The results of the HUS represent a titanic humanized task, opportunity and dignity for all without any kind of discrimination. Everyone deserves to enjoy services such as those provided by the Hospital today. To achieve accreditation we use resources that we always invest with transparency,” said Edgar Julián Niño Carrillo, manager of the HUS.

“I want to greet the deputy managers of the HUS who are our teachers. Today we have to certify ourselves because it is a seal of guarantee that the processes are complied with. It is a great step that has been taken, the manager led it and the UIS as an ally accompanied it. The most important thing in this process is the continuity of the personnel who carry out the process. I want to express that the UIS continues at the forefront of this process supporting the HUS in the challenges to come” said in his speech the UIS rector, Hernán Porras Díaz.

According to the entity, the HUS has been evaluated and approved with respect to the standards of the Sistema Único de Acreditación en Salud.

“This is a great effort by a public entity to acquire high quality standards. This is the work of the entire team. We must continue working to maintain this certification. The Ministry is an ally to continue working together,” says the Deputy Director of Service Provision of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

This recognition, granted for a period of four years. “This accreditation is an international seal, granted by ISQuaEEA/ICONTE, which puts this Hospital at the same level as international hospitals measured with the same quality standard,” says the National Director of Health Accreditation of ICONTEC.

In this process, the Universidad Industrial de Santander had a fundamental support, through the ESE-HUS articulating team. The UIS supported the Hospital in the process from communication, education, design and printing of graphic material, audiovisual material, virtual courses, among other activities. This entire accreditation process was achieved under the leadership of the Hospital manager, Julian Niño, accompanied by the deputy managers of the University and all other members of the Faculty of Health of the Universidad Industrial de Santander.

The Universidad Industrial de Santander has been one of the main allies in achieving the accreditation that is being celebrated today. This is the result of teamwork, for more than 10 years, of a transformation process, great challenges, unwavering commitments, long working days dedicated to establish and implement continuous improvements to the different processes of the HUS.