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Hechos UIS: First issue of 2022 is already in circulation. What are you waiting for to read it!

Hechos UIS
Hechos UIS

With a wide variety of topics on the daily events of the Universidad Industrial de Santander, the 127th edition of Hechos UIS began to circulate. You can find it in print format, at strategic points of the central campus and the headquarters, and digitally on the web portal www.uis.edu.co, through the links: https://acortar.link/Qzlq28 and https://acortar.link/HECHOSUIS In this new edition, readers will find a variety of topics, including: the return to in-person modality for students and the administrative community, support for entrepreneurs in the region and the renovation of the Daniel Casas building of the Faculty of Arts.

In 16 pages, readers will also find topics such as the University’s involvement in the Chicamocha Canyon Geopark initiative, through a research and extension project in the areas of geology, biology and human sciences for its implementation.

Also noteworthy is the new Doctorate in Social and Human Sciences, which was awarded the qualified registration, thus boosting the academic offerings of the Institution.

As part of the University’s commitment to the wellbeing of students and the administrative community, an article in one of its pages invites them to apply the COVID-19 vaccine booster, as a personal and collective wellbeing initiative.

Among other topics, cultural and sports activities such as Neighbors and Friends and the UIS Athletic Race are reported. Hechos UIS January – February 2022.pdf

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