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First UIS satellite library is a reality

UIS Satellite Library
UIS Satellite Library

The first Satellite Library of the UIS, located on the fourth floor of Bienestar Estudiantil, will open this Thursday, February 17th, with the collection called ‘Narradoras Latinoamericanas’ (Latin American Storytellers).

With this space, the University seeks to de-territorialize the canonical place of books, to offer them under a Selective Dissemination of Information (DSI) criterion. 

On this occasion, Professor Carolina Romero Saavedra, academic coordinator of the School of Languages and director of the Glotta research group, has curated for this library, with rigor and knowledge, a collection called Narradoras Latinoamericanas. It is about more than 100 women writers and about 400 copies that will be available in this space that will soon begin to come to life.

This collection will be on display between February and June. It will also have an itinerant character, so that students and administrative staff can enjoy it in other spaces, as it moves through our university campuses.  

The inaugural session of this space will be accompanied by the Colombian writer Velia Vidal Romero, who will participate in the ‘Dialogues from the Library’ meeting. 

The Library created QR codes for those who wish to access the books, which are also in digital format.  Latin American Narrators – Library Bienestar Estudiantil.pdf [+] [+]