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Enrollment in the Specialization in Environmental Chemistry at the School of Chemistry is now open.

Image Specialization in Environmental Chemistry
Image Specialization in Environmental Chemistry

The School of Chemistry of the UIS, informs the community that enrollment is now open for the Specialization in Environmental Chemistry, for the first academic period of 2022:


Code – SNIES 4669

Qualified registration: Resolution of the Ministerio de Educación Nacional No. 11484 of July 13, 2018 Validity: Seven (7) years.

Modality: Classroom, hybrid and remote classroom through Zoom platform.

Duration: Two (2) semesters

Place offered: Bucaramanga

Degree awarded: Specialist in Environmental Chemistry

Tuition and academic fees: 7 s.m.m.l.v.


Carrera 27 Calle 9 Campus Universitario, Edificio Laboratorios Livianos (Camilo Torres), office 228-229, Commutador: 6344000 ext. 1379, 2798, Email:, Bucaramanga, Colombia.