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Enrollment for the cohort XIX specialization course in telecommunications is now open

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The School of Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering of the UIS is pleased to invite you to participate in the nineteenth cohort of our program ESPECIALIZACION EN TELECOMUNICACIONES

Details about the documentation required for enrollment in the SDE Master’s program.
The program aims to:

With the Telecommunications Specialization program, we aim to:
• Train creative and analytical specialists, with the capability to participate in multidisciplinary teams.
• Facilitate the understanding of algorithms and communications programs that improve the existing telecommunications systems in the company, in the region, and in the country.
• Mediate the learning of professionals interested in technological advances in the areas of information processing and transport through computer networks.
• Prepare professionals with specialized knowledge for the design, development, and administration of computer networks.
• Promote the application of telecommunication norms and standards in the development of new systems.
• Guide in the establishment of security policies in the company in aspects related to the preservation of the integrity of the data that travels through the networks, as well as the selection of the best user authentication systems for a given network environment.
• Raise awareness of technological advances in the area of mobile communications.
• Promote analytical work and professional updating in the area of telecommunications.

Telephone: 6359622, 6344000 Ext. 1217 – 2365 or 3136954686
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