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Come and live an ‘astronomical’ experience, this sunday at ” Vecinos y Amigos ” UIS

Solar observation day image
Solar observation day image

Children, youth and adults curious about space and the sun, now have the opportunity to participate this Sunday in the solar observation day, organized by the Halley Group of the UIS, as part of the “Neighbors and Friends” program.

After the observation day, attendees will have the opportunity to build a sundial, through which they will learn to measure time analogically, as it was done in ancient times.

The solar observation will be done with one of the Halley Group’s telescopes and the appropriate filters to carry out this activity of observation of the solar photosphere.

For the construction of the sundial, the Halley Group of the UIS will provide the participants with the necessary materials for the elaboration of this tool. In addition, they will offer an explanation of how time measurement worked in ancient times. The activity will take place at the Geometry Lesson Monument (Entrada de la Carrera 27 – campus central UIS). Attendees are advised to bring a hat or cap to protect themselves from the sun and, additionally, to apply sunscreen.

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