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Invitation: “Do you know how to stimulate your brain?” virtual workshop

Specialized Health Unit of the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UISALUD) in agreement with IPS – Centro de Orientación Diana Rodríguez, invites all its affiliates to the virtual workshop “Do you know how to stimulate your brain?” Date: monday, September 5, 2022. Hour: 6:30 p. m. Click here to join the meeting. We look forward to […]

Bulletin N° 38 – studies have shown that Covid-19 reinforcement strengthens the immune system

According to information registered by the Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social, the Omicron variant currently represents more than 95% of the genomic surveillance isolates in Colombia. Therefore, a call is made to continue to comply with biosecurity and self-care measures and, most importantly, to complete the vaccination and booster vaccination schedule. As an additional […]