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Tunarte UIS captivates with its music and dance on tour in Spain

Colombian music continues to cross borders thanks to Tunarte UIS, which continues its tour in Spain. With songs like Que nadie sepa mi sufrir, the Estudiantina madrileña, the Colombian bambuco Bésame morenita, La Gota fría, El Alma de paloma and Las plazas de mi Sevilla, the group of the Universidad Industrial de Santander captivated for […]

Tunarte UIS begins its tour of four cities in Spain

Tunarte UIS, a tuna attached to the School of Arts of the UIS, began its third international tour in Spain. During this tour, which begins today Monday, April 18th in Spain (land of the art of tunas), they will share traditional events, accompanied by the tunas of Medicine, from La Laguna de Tenerife; UNEED of […]

Seven researchers are honored at the Eloy Valenzuela Awards 2021

In a solemn ceremony, seven researchers from the Universidad Industrial de Santander were honored with the Eloy Valenzuela Award for the quality of their work in the categories of consolidated researcher and researcher in formation. The event began with the conference ‘What now in higher education?’ by Dr. Salvador Malo Álvarez, a physics graduate from […]