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School of Microbiology starts the self-evaluation process for the renewal of accreditation of the Microbiology and Bioanalysis Program

Communications Department With the purpose of advancing in the renewal of the high-quality accreditation of the Microbiology and Bioanalysis program, the School of Microbiology started the self-evaluation process. The objective of this initial phase is to adjust the program’s self-evaluation model, which includes 12 factors that will be subsequently evaluated and weighted by the different […]

Microbiology student won first place in national painting contest

Stefanny Julieth Pérez Medina, ninth semester student of microbiology, participated in the “CNB Painting Contest for Bacteriologists and homologists”, organized by the National College of Bacteriology. The work “Intangible”, painting in acrylic on canvas made by the student Perez Medina, won first place in the Sixth CNB 2021 Painting Competition. “The health crisis and the […]

The Master’s Degree in Microbiology is now open for enrollment

Communications Department The School of Microbiology of the Universidad Industrial de Santander has open enrollment for the fifth cohort of the Master in Microbiology. Enrollment payment is due by January 24, 2022. This postgraduate program is a research program with mixed funding offered by the School of Microbiology. It is developed in the city of […]