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Professor of the school of medicine is the author of the first book with the complete history of Colombian pneumology.

Communications Department Fabio Bolívar Grimaldos, professor of the Department of Internal Medicine of the School of Medicine of the UIS, specialist in Internal Medicine and Pneumology and scientific director of the Pneumological Institute of the East (INO), is the author of ‘El Libro Líquido de la Medicina Respiratoria’, the first work that contemplates the complete […]

UIS researchers develop new bait to attract and capture disease-transmitting mosquitoes

Communications Department From natural and biodegradable elements, researchers from the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) created a new bait that works as an attractant for hematophagous insects. The device was elaborated from natural raw materials and would serve as a usable lure in devices to capture vectors that cause serious diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, […]

The COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to teach the body to have an immune response

Scientific, rigorous and detailed was the conference “Importance of the application of the booster dose for COVID-19”, an academic meeting given by doctors Álvaro Idrovo and Agustín Vega, professors of the School of Medicine of the Faculty of Health. According to the experts, access to the varied and multiple information that has been generated because […]

Medical school welcomes 19 residents

The 19 residents of medical-surgical specialties correspond to: 6 students from the Specialization in Internal Medicine; 3 from the Specialization in Pathology; 3 from the Specialization in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; 3 from the Specialization in General Surgery; 2 from the Specialization in Orthopedics; 1 from the Specialization in Pediatrics and 1 from the Specialization […]

UIS research on acute leukemia with non-ventilated pneumonia published in international scientific journal

With the research “Predictors of mortality in acute leukemia patients with hospital-acquired non-ventilated pneumonia”, published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, a journal approved in publindex category A and Indexed in Q1-Scopus, in Medline/Index Medicus, a group of professors and students of the School of Medicine share with the international scientific community the findings of […]

UIS physicians participated in the International Hernia Congress

With a research that allowed comparing the outcomes of the different surgical approaches used for the management of diaphragmatic hernias, Sergio Alejandro Gómez Ochoa, UIS graduate physician, and Andrea Carolina Quiroga Centeno, fourth year resident of the UIS General Surgery postgraduate course, participated in the “Hernia Congress”, an annual event that brings together European and […]

Santander University Hospital accreditation bulletin #29

Dear university community, You are invited to read the 29th issue of the HUS Accreditation Bulletin. In this magazine, you will find the results of the seventh cycle of accreditation and the main products generated from each of the groups of standards. To view it, please download the PDF file or click on the following […]