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Estudiantes de la Escuela de Educación representarán a la UIS en importante evento de ciencia

Gresly Yarhit Moreno y María Fernanda Mejía quedaron seleccionadas para presentar su puesta en XPOILERS, un evento que tiene como objetivo hacer la divulgación de la comunicación científica y a su vez motivar la apropiación social del conocimiento desde los ámbitos de ciencia, tecnología y entretenimiento. Ellas son estudiantes de séptimo semestre de la Licenciatura […]

UIS graduate joins important philharmonic orchestra in Australia

What began as a test designed to gain experience, ended up as one of life’s greatest achievements for Carlos Fernando Serrano Serrano, who graduated from the Bachelor of Music program at UIS in 2014. After a call for applications, the young man won his place as principal trumpet of the West Coast Philharmonic Orchestra of […]

The ‘Casa de Coco’ completed the delivery of didactic material to students of Bucaramanga’s educational institutions

With the visit to the Educational Institution El Paulón, the ‘Casa de Coco’ completed the delivery of didactic materials to the 33 rural and urban educational institutions that belong to the project, benefiting 5,000 students in Bucaramanga and its metropolitan area. The institutional initiative was created to support the academy through radio content, didactic materials, […]

UIS school of Law and Political Science has new Cohorts of alumni in postgraduate programs

Communications Department In order to contribute to the formation of highly qualified and socially responsible professionals in different areas of law, the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) in agreement with the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL), confirms a new cohort of 67 graduates in the programs of: Specialist in Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Legal-Procedural […]

‘Coco Bolsas’ begin to reach schools in Bucaramanga

Communications Department More than 5,000 elementary school students from 33 public schools in Bucaramanga are participating in the second season of the Casa de Coco, a phase that began with the delivery of the ‘Coco Bags’, a collection of didactic material with which directors, teachers and students work, to learn about the universe of Coco […]

LOW MAUS chair addresses this thursday the subject of cumbia in Bucaramanga

Communications Department Is it valid to accept that Bucaramanga be proposed as world capital of cumbia, as proposed by the mayor? Well, this rhythm, which provokes not only the desire to dance but now a great controversy, will be the subject of the seventh session of the Low Maus Chair 2021- 2 this Thursday, January […]

Open enrollment for advanced courses – Faculty of Human Sciences

#ComunidadUIS The Faculty of Human Sciences opens registrations for the advanced courses in different subjects offered by the Schools of the Faculty with the objective of strengthening knowledge in the basic subjects of the first and second academic semester. Enrollment is open from January 24th to February 18th, 2022. If you are interested in enrolling […]