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Tutorials on academic writing in english

#FIFME CommunityThe Dean’s Office of the Physicomechanical Engineering College invites you to participate in personalized tutorials on academic writing in English. These tutorials aim to strengthen the linguistic and rhetorical skills related to the writing of an academic-scientific paper in English. Students undergraduate and graduate), professors, and staff are welcome to participate. Those interested should […]

UIS team was Latin American champion in important international rocketry event

Members of the UIS Aerospace Rocketry Semillero won first place in the ‘CanSat’ category, and were also the best in the combined categories (‘Cubesat’ and ‘CanSat’), results that positioned the young people as Latin American champions in the area of satellites, during the Latin American Space Challenge. This is the second most important rocketry competition […]

Open enrollment for the VI Cohort of the Master’s Degree in Informatics for Education

Interested in the current call for Advanced Training Scholarships 2022-1 Ministerio de Educación-ICETEX for professors and teaching managers of official educational establishments. For all those interested in training at the master’s level as professors and researchers in preschool, elementary, and middle school education. The Master’s Degree in Informatics for Education is aimed at pre-school, elementary, […]