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UIS graduate discovered a new species of spiny mouse in Ecuador: ‘Neacomys Marci’.

A new species of spiny mouse called ‘Neacomys Marci’ has been discovered in Ecuador, which makes it the fourteenth of its genus identified in the last five years. A UIS graduate participated in the interdisciplinary research that began about four years ago. He is biologist Javier Colmenares Pinzón, who, together with Nicolás Tinoco, from the […]

The Biological Integration Seminar begins on thursday 24th

Communications Department In order to share and exchange knowledge on advances in biological and related sciences, this Thursday, February 24th, the Biological Integration Seminar will begin, a face-to-face meeting between undergraduate and graduate students in Biology. The Graduate Advisory Committee of the Master’s Program in Biology, with the approval of the School Council, has prepared […]