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Bundestag International Parliamentary Fellowship (IPS) Briefing

Aimed at Law Students

The IPS is a scholarship program for the promotion of democracy, organized by the German Parliament “Deutscher Bundestag” in cooperation with the three major universities of Berlin – “Freie Universität Berlin – FU”, “Humboldt Universität Berlin – HU” and “Technische Universität Berlin”  – TU”, as well as with political foundations. To date it offers 120 participants from 50 countries, qualified and interested in politics, the possibility of a direct and practical vision of Germany’s parliamentary democracy.

The aim is for the knowledge and skills acquired to encourage participants, upon returning to their respective countries, to contribute personally to an active civil society, or to collaborate in its construction. This goal is, in turn, supported by an active network of alumni through partnerships in the various countries. The work of this network is coordinated by the Bundestag and with the collaboration of the German Embassies in the various countries.

Next Thursday, July 7 at 1:00 pm. Colombian time, we will make a Zoom to share with those interested, the necessary information to participate in this call. To participate you must register at the following link: