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Bulletin no. 45 – green light! The pandemic in Colombia completed two years and begins to show a downward trend

Image shows Covid-19 behavior
The country shows a decrease in the so-called fourth peak of the SarsCov2 pandemic

According to the Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social, the country shows a decrease in the so-called fourth peak of the SarsCov2 pandemic, with a favorable epidemiological situation and the consolidation of the downward trend in positivity and deaths.

To date, more than 6 million Colombians have been infected with the virus. In the case of UISALUD, since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,408 diagnostic tests have been taken, of which 786 have been confirmed positive (23.1%). According to the Unit’s latest report, between March 1th and 6th, 30 tests were taken, of which only one was positive.

As of March 6th, 2020, 2,586 UISALUD users have applied the first dose (93% of the total prioritized population), of these, 2,549 (98.75%) have the complete scheme, of which, having completed 4 months, 1,849 have applied the booster (81.9%).

“Despite the favorable figures and in view of the flexibility of the use of the mask, epidemiologists remind us that the pandemic is not over yet. We should not relax, people with comorbidities and older adults are advised to continue using the mask and complete the vaccination schedule, including the booster. In addition, comply with personal and collective care protocols”, said Gonzalo Gómez Patiño, director of UISALUD.

Colombia is making progress with the National Vaccination Plan. To date, coverage is 81.5% of the population, with at least one dose of vaccine against Covid-19 and 66.1% with complete vaccination schedules. However, according to Minsalud figures, there are more than 2 million people who have yet to complete vaccination schedules, in order to reach 70% in this indicator.

Bucaramanga is part of the cities in the country that have more than 70% of the population with a complete vaccination schedule, so it welcomed the determination of the National Government to lift the mandatory use of face masks, only in open spaces.

UISALUD users! please note that, to start, complete the scheme or apply the COVID-19 booster, you can go to the nearest vaccination point or call 318 6274166 and 318 3400292 to make your schedule. You can also write to us at uisalud.mivacuna@uis.edu.co

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