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Bulletin N° 40 – receiving the booster vaccine increases protection against new Covid-19 variants… Boost your protection!

Bulletin number 40. covid-19 cases
Bulletin number 40. Covid-19 cases

In view of the peak of COVID-19 infections that the country is facing, the Ministerio de Salud y Protección Social urged the community, especially the population over 50 years of age, to apply the booster dose in a timely manner or to complete the scheme, if they have not yet done so.

In view of the situation, the Ministry announced the arrival of new biologicals in the country, which will be distributed in a timely manner at the level of the different territorial health directorates.

In the case of Bucaramanga, the Mayor’s Office announced that this week there will be available booster doses of Moderna and AstreZeneca biologics for the population that has completed 4 months of having applied the second dose. Likewise, booster doses of Janssen will be available for people who have received a single dose of this vaccine.

The booster doses received will be administered as follows:

– Moderna or AstraZeneca: for population over 50 years of age.

– AstraZeneca: population between 18 and 49 years of age.

– Janssen: for population over 18 years of age who have received the single Janssen dose.

“Omicron is the dominant variant in the country at the moment, displacing the other variants including Delta, although the increase of cases with this variant has been abrupt, hospitalizations have not increased in relation to the number of cases as with other variants, this is mainly due to the fact that this variant is less severe and, of course, to the important progress in vaccination coverage at national level with emphasis on risk groups”, expressed Julián Fernández, director of Epidemiology and Demography of the MinSalud.

He reminded that the unvaccinated are part of the most vulnerable group of people, as well as those people with higher risk factors who have not received their booster.

In the case of UISALUD, this week there was an increase in the percentage of infections. Of the 59 tests taken, 38 were positive, corresponding to 64.4% positivity, in the range between January 24 and 30.

“The complete vaccination schedule and the booster continue to prove effective in reducing symptoms in case of infection with COVID-19. In addition, the use of masks and constant hand washing are effective in prevention, so these non-pharmacological measures are vital at the present time,” said the director of UISALUD, Gonzalo Gómez Patiño.

“The immune system has memory, however, with the passing of the days the effectiveness of vaccines decreases, so the vaccine booster rescues and recovers the protection status”, added the director of UISALUD. UISALUD users! please note that, to start, complete the scheme or apply the booster against COVID-19, you can go to the nearest vaccination point or call 318 6274166 and 318 3400292 to make your schedule. You can also write to us at uisalud.mivacuna@uis.edu.co.

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