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Award ceremony of the Photography Contest: mujer, trabajo y derechos – Leticia Montero Torres. March 8th

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Communications Department

The School of Law and Political Science informs that this Tuesday, March 8th, it will be held the awards ceremony for the winners of the Photography Contest: Women, Work and Rights – Leticia Montero Torres. There will also be a mini forum with experts in different areas. The meeting will take place at the Ágora auditorium of the Faculty of Human Sciences from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The winners will be announced at the event, among the following categories: migration, disability, informality, rurality, care economy and free category. The selection of the photos is based on the criteria of representativeness of photography as a means of communicating the current conditions of women in the workplace. However, 21 people have been chosen among students, professors and other external participants for the photographic exhibition to be held on the day of the event.

Within the program is the tribute to Professor Leticia Montero Torres, which will be the first act of the closing ceremony and will consist of remembering her memory and contributions to academia and feminism, through a conversation between Ivan Herrera, her husband, Professor Raquel Mendez, UIS professor and Marely Cely, co-founder, with Professor Leticia, of the Justice and Freedom Corporation, organizer of the event.

On the other hand, the conversation on women’s rights at work will be in charge of the jurors of the contest: Nataly Arias, social communicator linked to the OIT communications team; Laly Malagón, feminist audiovisual producer; Mayra Restrepo, director of communications Escuela Nacional Sindical, and Adriana Contreras Acevedo, social communicator and journalist, master in Human Rights UIS; who will be accompanied by experts on issues of women’s labor rights.

Also in attendance will be: Paola Campuzano, project coordinator ILO Colombia; Elvia Saucedo Guerra, UIS alumni and director of the Puerto Wilches Labor Attention Center; Silvia Yáñez Moreno, professor professor UIS, in charge of the legal attention of the Transversal Gender Line of the UIS Legal Clinic; Sandra Muñoz, lawyer of the Andean Region Solidarity Center; Mairene Tobón, postdoctoral researcher of the Center for Migration Studies at the University of the Andes, and Graciliana Moreno, expert in peace and human rights issues, professor and social worker UIS, will also participate in the event. The meeting will end with a sharing, a space to commemorate, through a toast with the participants, the meaning of March 8 as a way to vindicate the rights of women workers in the world under the historical slogan: bread and flowers.