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At UIS we are committed to the wellbeing of the university community. Together we make it possible!

UIS Canteens
UIS Canteens

The Universidad Industrial de Santander’s commitment to improving the quality of life of the community is manifested in the consolidation of spaces, programs, services and activities that promote development and wellbeing.

The results of these efforts are evidenced in the score of 4.73 (out of 5) given by students, professors, managers, administrators, graduates, employers and external community, to Factor 9: Institutional Welfare, during the self-evaluation process, included in the process of Renewal of Institutional Accreditation.

Here we present part of the results:

• UIS is committed to a welfare that contributes to the quality of life of the people who belong to the university community and to an institutional environment that, naturally, is the enabling framework for the development of academic and administrative processes.

• The incorporation and consolidation of various spaces, programs, services and welfare activities, led by the Division of Bienestar Universitario, the Division of Human Talent Management, the Cultural Directorate and the Department of Physical Culture and Sports, are conducive to the development and welfare of the university community.

• The approval of the Gender Equity Policy whose main objective is “to consolidate an institutional culture of valuing differences and eliminating all forms of discrimination, in order to achieve equal opportunities for all people, regardless of sex, gender identity or sexual orientation”.

• The creation of the Institutional Bienestar Universitario Student Committee and the Specialized Unit for the Assurance and Provision of Social Security Health Services (UISALUD).

• The UIS has entities and organizations that support the welfare of the members of its community and that have been created at the initiative of the university bodies and with institutional support. These include: FAVUIS, COOPRUIS, ARPRUIS, ARPAUIS.

• The remodeling of the University Residence and Bienestar Estudiantil buildings, and the construction of the Bienestar Profesoral building, spaces available for the operation of the units in charge of welfare and associated entities.

• Bienestar Estudiantil is complemented by the services and activities of the study centers and other student associations, which seek to promote culture, leadership and student participation in academic, sports and cultural activities that strengthen their integral formation.

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