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Artistic performance ‘El Sapito que Comía Princesas’, main show this Sunday at ‘Vecinos y Amigos’ UIS

Image showing Show "El Sapito que Comía Princesas"
Come and enjoy a Sunday full of fun, laughter, culture and live shows with all the programming of Neighbors and Friends at the UIS.
Image showing the Neighbors and Friends program
Enjoy a Salsa, Son and Saxophone show: “Perfecta Combinación”, by Betsy Moreno.

Communications Department

You are invited to schedule yourself to enjoy a Sunday full of fun, laughter, culture, and live shows with all the programming of Vecinos y Amigos UIS. The day will begin at 8:00 a.m. and will be full of theater, music, dance, cinema, games, workshops, and much more. Admission is free.

The meeting will have its usual program and the main show will be in charge of the Grupo Colombo, with the play ‘El Sapito que Comía Princesas’, which will take place in the Luis A. Calvo auditorium from 10:00 a.m. onwards.

This play will tell the story of a prince whose bad attitude is turned into a toad and whose only way to return to normality is to show that he has a good heart. He decides to change when he falls in love with a beautiful princess. However, it will not be so easy and he will have to prove that he is able to change.

At the Plazoleta Mirador de los estudiantes, attendees will be able to enjoy a Salsa, Son and Saxophone show: “Perfecta Combinación”, by Betsy Moreno. Antillean music is sung and accompanied by brass instruments that make everyone enjoy her spectacular presentation, participate and accompany the artist in “Dance and sing, with joy and flavor!Interested persons can manage tickets at the link found in the biography of social networks @UISCultural https://bit.ly/TiqueteraUIScultural

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