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New projects to strengthen higher education were proposed by Unired

Under the strategic lines of collaboration, coverage and efficient institutions, Unired will continue working in 2022 on initiatives that will promote and strengthen higher education in the departments of Santander, Boyacá and Norte de Santander. During the first Board of Directors of the year, held at the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS), the creation of […]

The COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to teach the body to have an immune response

Scientific, rigorous and detailed was the conference “Importance of the application of the booster dose for COVID-19”, an academic meeting given by doctors Álvaro Idrovo and Agustín Vega, professors of the School of Medicine of the Faculty of Health. According to the experts, access to the varied and multiple information that has been generated because […]

With artistic and cultural activities, UIS pays homage to Native and Mother tongues

Communications Department Exhibitions, linguistic workshops, meetings and gastronomic exchanges will be some of the activities to celebrate the International Mother Language Day and the National Day of Native Languages, organized by the School of Languages and the research seedbed Public Discourse Studies (GLOTTA) of the UIS. The conference will be held on February 21st and […]