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UIS contributes to increase reserves of santander’s only public blood bank

Communications Department During the year 2021, the Hemocenter of the Hospital Universitario de Santander made a call to the Santander community to donate blood due to the fact that the existing reserves were running low. The Universidad Industrial de Santander responded to this call to contribute to overcome the deficit of the main blood bank […]


Communications DepartmentGloria Blanco, who graduated in Nutrition and Dietetics from Universidad Industrial de Santander in 2002, will be the new guest on the program “A Coffee with Graduates”. After graduating from the UIS, Gloria worked as a food service administrator at Termotasajero Company in Norte de Santander, in charge of managing the food and nutrition […]

The Oral Archive of Victims’ Memory will be strengthened by 2022

Communications Department The Oral Archive of Memory of Victims (Archivo Oral de Memoria de las Víctimas – Amovi-UIS) is one of the main inputs for researchers interested in delving into human rights issues because there is a diversity of documents on different topics. Amovi-UIS collects and organizes the archives received, guaranteeing the chain of custody […]

UIS research on the industrial application of biowaxes was displayed at an international Agro-industry Engineering event.

Communications Department With two research projects focused on generating greater impact and application of bio waxes in the industrial sector, researchers MSc. Andrés Fernando Ramírez and MSc. Cristian Jahir Murillo, members of the research group in Food Science and Technology (Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos-CICTA) and the research group in Waste Valorization Technologies and Agricultural […]

Open enrollment for the Specialization in Automotive Engineering.

The Specialization Program in Automotive Engineering is aimed at Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Electromechanical Engineers, Mechatronics Engineers, Industrial Engineers, and professionals in related areas with experience in the subject, with prior acceptance by the Postgraduate Advisory Committee. Registration deadline: March 11, 2022. For more information we invite you to fill out the form: […]

Saber UIS call

The Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) has designed a strategy that begins with a personalized diagnostic test, related to the generic and citizenship competencies that every person and professional develops and strengthens throughout life, in parallel to the disciplinary competencies. This test has no impact on the record and report of academic performance; as indicated, […]