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Donaton Delivery: Ask for what you need

Student #UIS

WE CONTINUE WITH THE DELIVERY OF THE DONATÓN OF CLOTHES AND OTHERS, MORE THAN 200 STUDENTS HAVE ALREADY BENEFITED! If you know a UIS student, SPREAD THE WORD!, or if you yourself need pants, shirts, shoes, bags, among others, it is time to ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED.

The person who wishes to receive a garment in donation (requirement to be a UIS student) must fill out this form, then the wardrobe will be reviewed and the Deanship will contact to inform the day and time in which he must go through the office (Deanship of the Faculty of PhysiDonaton Delivery: Ask for what you needcomechanical Engineering, Heavy Laboratories Building, second floor) to coordinate the delivery.

If you were already a beneficiary of the Donatón we will not contact you until we have finished quoting the new beneficiaries, give the opportunity to another student.