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Booster dose: the key against COVID-19

Booster dose
Booster dose

Communications Department

As part of the informative activities that are carried out monthly from the Faculty of Health, a new topic of interest arrives: “Importance of the application of the COVID-19 booster dose”.

The objective of this session is to inform the community about this topic of crucial importance for the life and health of the population of Santander and Colombia. In this opportunity the guests are the doctors Álvaro Javier Idrovo, Master in Public Health, PhD in Epidemiology, professor Department of Public Health of the School of Medicine, and Agustín Vega Vera, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Specialist in Infectious Diseases, who will share their knowledge and experiences in our social networks.

Day: February 9th

Time: 8:00 a.m.



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